The UK's Specialist Orthodontic Platform;

in Partnership with UK Dentists

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World Class Dental Experts

Our team of Cosmetic Dental Specialists each have their own area of expertise within Cosmetic Dentistry.

Our Specialists have been handpicked not just from the UK, but internationally to bring the latest expertise and insights to our processes.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts, includes specialists in the fields of Orthodontics, Restorative dentistry, Periodontics, and even Advanced Trauma Rehabilitation, Endodontics, and Prosthodontics.

This means that we develop highly personalised, specialist treatment plans for each patient.

Together, we are committed to providing high quality Cosmetic Dentistry to all of our patients in partnership with our dental professional network

Most patients have never had access to a full team of Specialists offering advanced cosmetic services, from the comfort of their home.

Using new technology we can safely make 32 Stories services accessible to anyone, anywhere

A personal service, 7 days a week

All of our patients can schedule their consultation with our top cosmetic dental experts through a video consultation, whenever works for them

We'll discuss the treatment, the risks, the benefits, exactly like a regular appointment, just more conveniently

We don't cut corners; if your case is complex we'll provide you with options for the treatment you need for safe, lasting results, no obligations.

Just more convenient

You'll get your impressions taken locally by your 32S Associate, close to home, with a professional you trust.

Our expert aesthetic dentists and orthodontists will design your treatment with the latest 3D modelling technology.

All your treatments will be delivered directly to your door, including our whitening subscription which is automatically sent every 6 months, cutting out multiple trips to the dental surgery.

Your local 32S Associate and your personal orthodontist or dentist will be on hand to answer any questions, 7 days a week, simply by emailing or video calling us.

32 Stories is the UK's first Specialist Orthodontic platform, working in collaboration with Cosmetically-minded UK Dentists to provide patients with unparalleled cosmetic outcomes and patient care

Clinical outcomes first

Access support from top Specialist Orthodontists to make sure clear aligner orthodontics is appropriate for your patient, and that treatment plans are safe and reliable

Empowering dentists

Access to the highest quality clear aligners, curated by our Specialist team, giving you choice and flexibility for your patient

Convenient Orthodontics anywhere

32 Stories is bringing cosmetic dentistry into the 21st century, using digital technology to make the UKs best expertise accessible to anyone.

Using our platform, dentists can provide the best monitoring and oversight to make sure patients stay on track without having to leave their home