Our 32S Partner Dentists

Dr Francis Clough​
Dr Anthony Clough
Dr Anthony Barrett​
Dr Nihar Patel​
Dr Thomas Clough​
Dr Maddy Weeraman​
Dr Francesca Laxton
Dr Ian Patterson
32 Stories is the UK's first Cosmetic and Orthodontic Multidisciplinary Team, working in collaboration with our network of Dental Partners to provide patients with unparalleled cosmetic outcomes and patient care in their local area.

Our Dental Partners are hand-picked and provide expertise and clinical input throughout the patient journey, from the initial cosmetic asssessment and workup, to the aligner fitting, cosmetic finishing and implementing the 32S Gold Standard retention protocols.

The right expert at the right time.

Clinical outcomes first

As a team of Specialists our focus has always been on clinical outcomes and safety. We will never prescribe a treatment we think is unsafe or won’t work, and we’ll never leave a patient without support

The right expert for the right patient

Dentists, like all specialists, have areas of expertise, for example, trauma, orthodontics, restorative dentistry.

Patients rarely know where to look for a dentist who specialises in what they want. 32 Stories takes the guesswork out by curating the best Specialists to provide the outcomes our patients are looking for.

For dentists, this mean they get to do more of what they love, and for patients, it means they get access to the best specialist for their chosen treatment

Convenient cosmetic dentistry, no matter where you live

32 Stories is bringing cosmetic dentistry into the 21st century, using digital technology to make exceptional cosmetic outcomes accessible to anyone.

This means you can be sitting in the North of Scotland, and receive treatment advice from our International Cosmetic and Orthodontic Specialists, without leaving your home.

If you need to be seen in person, we'll refer you within our Dental Partner or Specialist network.

All of our patients are assigned a Clinical Treatment Coordinator for support 7 days a week.

Cosmetic Dentistry at your convenience