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The fastest way to get a bright, white
smile with our personalised,
prescription-strength system

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32S Premium Whitening is a rapid, personalised, prescription-strength whitening system

  • Prescription-only, custom formulation with up to 6% pure bleaching ingredients*
  • Comfortable, custom made trays made bespoke for you teeth
  • Animal friendly, vegan

* Non-prescription, over the counter whitening treatments may have active bleaching ingredient of maximum 0.1%

Your cosmetic dental specialist will design a personalised prescription for you, using the safest whitening ingredients, following your video consultation

32S uses industry standard whitening protocols endorsed by the General Dental Council, prescribed and supervised by dentists, completely safe for your teeth

You’ll receive your custom-made whitening trays and gels in the post and the option to receive top up whitening gels in every 6 months through our subscription service, to keep your smile bright for a lifetime

Whitening subscription service

Staining of the teeth is a normal part of life; food and drinks like chocolate, coffee and red wine do stain teeth 

To keep your new white smile, without giving up the simple pleasures in life, we offer a subscription service for 32S whitening customers only, based on their 32S dentist’s prescription

You will receive a regular top up of whitening gels according to your personal prescription, delivered direct to your door for 95 GBP per year

Start your whitening subscription by visiting your local 32S Associate

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How does it work ?
You'll receive your personalised 32S whitening system and a customised tray, with results visible in the first few days.
Step 1.

Your Dental Professional provides a thorough assessment including a dental impression, and shares this with the 32S Specialist Team

Step 2.

A highly accurate 3D model of your mouth is made while you schedule a video consultation with our team, at a time convenient for you, to discuss your treatment

Step 3.

Your 32S Whitening System will be delivered to your door within 7 days of being prescribed and approved