32S Full Smile Upgrade

A Full Smile Upgrade™ from 32S including Invisible Aligners, Premium Whitening and Composite Bonding.

Get Started

Your journey starts with your local 32S Dental Associate, who will take a dental impression and clinical dental photographs

Our Specialist Cosmetic and Orthodontic Team will assess your case.

You'll have a video consultation with a top Cosmetic Dentist and your Treatment Coordinator who will walk you through your treatment options, showing how Alignment, Orthodontic Treatment and Composite Finishing will be used.

Our Specialists will then create an Orthodontic Treatment plan for you, planning fine movements tooth by tooth, to create a series of Clear Aligners for you.

Once complete, you'll receive your Whitening System and you'll be contacted by your 32S Dental Associate to arrange your Cosmetic Finishing in a single appointment

Your Smile Upgrade starts with your 32S aligners, followed by our 32S whitening system, delivered to your door

You'll regularly update your dentist, who will monitor your treatment remotely, and is on hand in case you have questions

Once your aligner treatment is complete you'll be contacted for a another consultation, and you'll receive your whitening within a few days

How does it work ?
Find a local 32S Dental Associate to start your Smile Upgrade with a simple dental impression
Get Started

Step 1: 32S Clear Aligner System

Straighten your teeth with the latest in Clear Aligner technology, with Treatment Plans designed by the best Specialists for long lasting, stable results


Step 2: 32S Whitening System

Whiten your teeth with our dentist-prescribed whitening system, for a bright white smile in 14 days


Step 3: Composite Bonding

Complete your transformation with composite bonding, delivered locally by one of our expert 32S Dental Associates

Your Smile Upgrade is completed with Composite Bonding

Once you've Aligned and Whitened your teeth, you will go back to your 32S Dental Associate to complete the final stage.

You will design your smile together, and complete your composite bonding in a single session, at your convenience

Our Pricing
Payment is flexible, with simple finance options available
Full Smile Upgrade

Full Smile Upgrade with 32S Clear aligners, 32S Whitening and Composite Bonding, and a fixed or removable retainer

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Financing options are available

Note: suitable for mild to moderate aligner cases, we will discuss treatment options with you if your case is more complex

Annual whitening subscription

6 monthly whitening top ups for a perfect smile for life; exclusively for existing 32S Whitening or Smile Upgrade customers

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Financing options are available