Patient Reviews

32 Stories Premium Whitening before and after!

Shannon, London

I'm so happy with my results from my Clear Aligners!

Hannah, London

I Love my new teeth!! 32 Stories and my dentists were amazing the whole way through, so pleased I got it done!

Emily, Edinburgh

Online dentist

I’ve tried whitening products from Boots and online before and they didn’t really work for me, but the 32S dentist I spoke to was amazing, and by teeth were completely white by day 6. Extremely fast service, really happy!​

Sam S, London

Before and after with 32 Stories Premium Whitening from James, London

James shared his Whitening Journey on his Instagram, head to our page to watch!

Just completed the whitening treatment and I am so pleased with the results – I wish I had done it sooner! I was seen by a specialist cosmetic dentist who explained the treatment before I committed.

Overall very impressed with the outcome, including how clear and professional the service was throughout!

Sam Gannon, London

cosmetic dentistry services

The service was faultless, so happy with the results!​

Dominic H, London

cosmetic dentistry services

Really great result to fix my short teeth! I had a great consultation with a cosmetic specialist who told me the benefits of composite bonding to address to protect the teeth as well as making them look better, as it been grinding my teeth for years.

So glad I went with 32 Stories, they were so detail focused, was really impressed. ​

Freddie A

cosmetic dentistry services

Heard about 32 Stories from a friend and how she had a whole team of specialists work on her case, I decided to go for it and the team were amazing, such a great service, and perfect for me as I travel a lot with work. Highly recommended!​

Philippa C

I can’t believe the results - I’m extremely happy with the outcome 👌🏼! Thanks to everyone at @32stories

Shaun MacKenzie, Essex

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