32 Invisible

- Aligner System

Clear braces, designed for you by top Orthodontic Specialists, based on a 3D model of your teeth.

Get Started

Your local 32S Dental Associate will take a simple dental impression which allows us to create a 3D model of your teeth.

Our Specialist Cosmetic and Orthodontic Team will assess your case.

You'll have a video consultation with a top Cosmetic Dentist and your Treatment Coordinator who will walk you through your treatment options.

Our Specialists will then create an Orthodontic Treatment plan for you, planning fine movements tooth by tooth, to create a series of Clear Aligners for you.

Just like a traditional orthodontic surgery visit, just more convenient.

Once you've approved your plan, you'll receive a series of aligners in the post, each of which has been designed to move your teeth gradually, subtly, and with minimal discomfort, to straighten your teeth in a matter of months

If your case is considered complex, our team will explain what your options are local to you, no obligations

How does it work ?
Find a local 32S Dental Associate to start your journey with a simple dental impression
Get Started
Step 1.

A 32S Associate takes your impression and your dental history, as well as some photos

Step 2.

A highly accurate 3D model will be made of your mouth. Our Specialists will then create a detailed plan for how each tooth will move, safely and effectively

Step 3.

Once you approve your treatment, you'll receive your Aligners within 3 weeks, and your 32S Associate will contact you for your fitting

Are Invisible Aligners suitable for everyone?

We'll always be transparent about which clinical course of treatment will give you the results you are looking for.

If our Specialist feel your case would not achieve your goals with only clear aligners we'll discuss this with you over a video consultation.

We'll provide you with alternative options, including with traditional braces, including pricing, and refer you to one of our Partner Orthodontists for in-person treatment.

Our Pricing
Payment is flexible, with simple finance options available
Professional Whitening System

Prescription required: Our prescription-strength whitening system cannot be bought over the counter

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Additional top up gels can be purchased following your initial 32S Whitening Prescription

32S Clear Aligner system

Monthly financing options are available
Complex cases from 2500 GBP

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Includes removable retainer for results which last a lifetime