Specialist-Led Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry for Exceptional Outcomes

Working with 32S

A 21st Century approach to

Cosmetic Dentistry

More Specialists,

More Support,
Better Outcomes

Why 32 Stories?

We are the UK's first Cosmetic and Orthodontic Specialist platform, partnering with dental professionals across the UK to give patients access to the best experts from all over the world.

Our aim is to use technology and an expert multidisciplinary team to make the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Dr. Anthony Clough, 32S Dentist

A personal service, 7 days a week

All of our patients can schedule video appointments with top cosmetic dental specialists at a time which works for them

Just more convenient

Your dental impressions are taken locally by your 32S Associate, and our treatments will be delivered directly to your door.

For the full Smile Upgrade we'll link you up to a 32S specialist in your area for composite bonding to complete your smile transformation.

Our Dental Partners

Our network of UK Dentists and Dental Professionals work with 32 Stories to provide their patients with the best Cosmetic and Orthodontic outcomes available to them

Work with 32S

A 32S Specialist helped deal with a tricky refinement case, I just wish I had gone with the specialists first time round.

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the before and afters

The platform is incredible, I feel so much more comfortable offering clear aligners now.

See our Instagram for
the before and afters

The first time I saw a 32S Specialist Treatment Plan I couldn't believe how good they were, I'll use them from now on.

See our Instagram for
the before and afters